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1. Name: power monitor
2. Maximum power: 22000V
3. Maximum current: 100A
4. Working voltage: 100V ~ 250V
5. Size: 85x47x28 mm
6. Panel size: 90×54.5 mm
7. Product weight: 67 grams

1. Flame retardant material, one-time molding, using environmentally friendly flame retardant materials, safe and reliable
2. With built-in backlight, short press the button to switch the backlight on and off. Press and hold for 3 seconds to enter the overload power setting. Press and hold for 5 seconds to clear the accumulated power.
3. Save electricity and worry, use electricity reasonably, and low-carbon life
4. You can measure the power, current, voltage, frequency, frequency factor and power consumption of the electrical equipment connected to it.

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