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1.Power System (PER):
1. As a common boost-and-drop power supply with over-voltage/over-current/over-power/over-temperature/under-voltage protection;
2. The product has constant current function and can charge all kinds of small rechargeable batteries within 0.6V-30V within 15W.
Charging step:
(1) Determine the floating charge voltage and current of your rechargeable battery; (If the lithium battery parameter is 3.7V/2200mAh, the floating charge voltage is 4.2V, if it is 12V rechargeable battery, the floating charge voltage is generally set to about 14V)
(2) Under no-load condition, set the output voltage to reach floating charge voltage; (If charging 3.7V lithium battery, adjust the output voltage to 4.2V only)
(3) Set charging current (constant current value) and set current directly. Note: When setting the current, the power should be calculated, charged within the power range, and the product will enter a protective state if it is used with super power.
(4) Connect the battery to charge.
3. This product has constant current function, can directly drive 0.6-30V, 0-15W LED lamp;
Step of driving LED lamp:
(1) Determine the working current and maximum operating voltage of the LED you need to drive.
(2) Under no-load condition, set the voltage and current values to make the output voltage reach the maximum working voltage and working current of the LED.
(3) Connect the LED and test it.
This product can adjust the constant current value (between 0 and working current) to achieve LED polar dimming, no stroboscopic!!
2.Table Header System (VAH):
1. Like multimeter, it can measure forward voltage and current. It can measure power, capacity, energy and time. It can be used for battery charging and discharging measurement and high precision Coulometer.
3.PWM System (PWM):
(1). Used as square wave signal generator and pulse signal generator to generate square wave pulse signal for experimental development and debugging.
(2). Square wave signal used to control DC motor or stepper motor driver; Servo motor, stepper motor, electric clamp, instead of PLC pulse, etc.
(3). Generating adjustable pulse, matching driver to realize dimming, speed regulating, controlling solenoid valve, etc.
Note: PWM system is only the output signal, and can not directly drive power loads such as electric lamps, motors, solenoid valves.
4.Power System PER:
Shortly press the ON/OFF button, turn on and off the power output, and long press the ON/OFF button for 2 seconds. The screen can rotate 360 degrees in four directions.
Short press the `UP/DOWN'button to turn the page.
Package includes:
 1 X USB Tester
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