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1. Voltage / current by  power detection. 
2. Output capacity / energy detection. 
3. USB PD trick. 
4. Ripple test. 
5. Data offline storage. 
6. PC online communication. 
7. Charger line complement detection. 
8. Data wire line resistance detection. 
Screen material: OLED/ pure white 
Screen resolution: 128*64 
Interface type: Type-C/USB-C 
Number of interfaces: 3pcs (including one HID port) 
Internal resistance of interface: About 28m ohm 
Independent power supply: HID port (5V) 
Working current: 4-25mA/5mA (standby) 
Voltage precision: 0.10% 
Current accuracy: 0.10% 
Voltage resolution: 0.0001V 
Current resolution: 0.0001A/1uA 
Maximum voltage / rated range: 0-28V/0-24V 
Maximum current / rated range: 0-8A/0-5A 
Offline curve record: 2560×5 group or 12800×1 group 
Number of capacity and energy statistics: 5 
Acquisition speed: 110501001000 times (upper computer) 
USB3.1 transmission: measured 670MB/s 
PD video transmission: Hardware 2.0 above 
Package Includes:
1 x POWER-Z USB PD Tester 
1 x USB Cable  
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