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It is a PM2.5 tester with monitor,
the PM2.5 sensor will transmit the data to the display wirelessly(433Mhz).


1.Solar panel                                     
2.Battery Compartment Cover
3.Red LED Indicator (RF transmission)
4.Blue LED Indicator (charging status)
5.USB Port
6.Battery Compartment

1. Integrated Hanging Hole
2. Tabletop Stand
3. °C/°F Button
4. MAX Button
5. Battery Compartment
6. Battery Compartment Cover


1. Current PM2.5 Concentration
2. Air Quality Level
3. Current AQI
4. Indoor Temperature
5. Indoor Humidity
6. 1h Max AQI
7. 1h Max PM2.5 Concentration
8. Outdoor Reception Icon


1) Wireless PM2.5 sensor measuring air quality

2) Indoor temperature and humidity (°C or °F)

3) 6 grades air quality levels indicator: Good, Moderate, Mild, Unhealthy, Severe and Hazardous

4) PM 2.5 current and max value for 1h/24h/since last reset.

5) Every 60 secon d the unit will receive wireless PM 2.5 sensor.

6) Temperature units °C/°F selectable

7) Battery power condition indicator

8) Rechargeable batteries and solar panel as backup power included

9) Wall hanging or free standing


1) Indoor temperature rang e:-9.9 ~ +60°C(14.18°F to +140°F)

Temperature accuracy: +/-1.0°C (± 1 °F)

2) PM 2.5 measure rang e: 0~999ug/m3

Accuracy: +/- 15%

3). Indoor Humidity: +/- 3% RH (@25°C, 30%RH to 80%RH).

+/- 5% RH (@25°C, 1%RH to29%RH;80%RH to 99%RH)

Wireless specifications:
1). wireless transmission distance(in open air):  Max. 100meters,(if there’s obstacle in between, or Signa l interference, the distance will be shorten.
2). Frequency: 433MHZ
3). Update Rate: 10 minutes

Power Consumption:

1.Base station (display console) : 1 x AA  Alkaline or Lithium batteries (not included)
2. Remote sensor :2 x AA 1.2V LSD type NI-MH batteries (not included)
3. Solar panel for backup power

Package includes:

1 X Monitor (Receiver)     
1 X Wireless PM2.5 Sensor    
1 X USB cable              
1 X User Manual(in English)    

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