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Rated output voltage 0~32V
Rated output current 0-6A 192W
Output power Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Power supply voltage AC 110V/220V (switchable) ±10%
Dimensions (W'H"D) 79mmX 150mmX 230mm
Voltage Resolution: 10mV
Current Resolution: 1mA
Digital Display: 4 Digits Red & Green LED Digital Display
Ripple Noise: Voltage: ≤10mVrms, Current: ≤5mArms 
Operating Environment: 0~40℃ Rh≤80%
Storage Environment: -15~70℃ Rh≤80%

Load regulation rate
Current: <0.5%+3mA
Voltage: <0.5%+10mV
Power regulation rate
Current: <0.5%+3mA
Voltage: <0.5%+10mV
Set resolution
Current: 1mA
Voltage: 10mV
Readback resolution
Voltage: 10mV
Current: 1mA
Setting accuracy
(25 ° C ± 5 ° C)
Voltage: <0.5%+10mV
Current: <0.5%+3mA
Ripple and noise
(20Hz -20MHz)
Voltage: ≤10mVrms
Current: ≤5mArms
Temperature Coefficient
Current: ≤300ppm/°C
Voltage: ≤300ppm/°C
Host weight 1.5kg


–Mini but professional switching DC power supply with 0~32V/0~6A range and 10mV/1mA resolution.
–Over voltage protection(OVP), over current protection(OCP) with setting function and over temperature protection.
–Voltage stabilization, current limiting, simple operation feature the DC power supply. With replaceable fuse, convenient to change the protective tube.
–Double LED 4 digits display of voltage and current, high precision with single channel output. Independent output switch and the operation keys can be locked.
–Applied in production line test, electrical maintenance, aging products, battery charging, laboratories scientific research and teaching and all other need DC regulated power supply.



Resolution: 10mA/1mA
Single output
Independent output switch
Operation button can be locked
Four-digit voltage and current display
Overvoltage / overcurrent / over temperature protection
Three groups of one-click call to store the value
Can set overcurrent / overvoltage protection value

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