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ET32555 is a comprehensive function, stable performance, 199999 count 5 1/2 digital desktop true RMS digital multimeter. This table USES STM32 series chip with external AD chip, making this table powerful, excellent performance, can provide good user experience; Customized LCD display screen has clear reading, rich content and good display effect. This table adopts the mains power supply drive to make it a high reliability digital table. Full function, full range overload protection and unique design make it the first choice for electricians and university laboratories


1. Maximum display: 199999 (5 1/2) bit automatic polarity display and unit display
2. The display adopts a 3.5-inch display screen, with rich display contents and clear reading, with good display effect.
3. Double parameter display, which can display two parameters of the same input signal (for example, ac voltage value and ac frequency value can be displayed simultaneously under ac voltage measurement).
4. Measured s: FAST (7 times/second) -MID (5 times/second) -SLOW (2 times/second)
5. Square output and duty cycle measurement function.
6. Manual/automatic range setting function
7. Communication interface: USB, RS232
8. Support SCPI protocol
9. Ac-dc voltage, ac-dc current, 2W/4W resistance measurement, dc measurement accuracy reaches 0.015%, voltage resolution of 1uV.
10. Periodic and frequency measurement, up to 20MHz.
11. Capacitance measurement.
12. Provide three trigger measurement methods: automatic trigger, external trigger and single trigger
13. Measuring capacity up to 10A current and 1000V dc voltage.
14. Multiple mathematical functions: statistics (maximum value, minimum value), relative measurement, dB, dBm.
15. It has on-off, diode, readout maintenance, data maintenance/reading, key tone, trigger measurement and other functions
16. Measurement of AC voltage and current (true RMS) with DC bias (AC+DC function)
17. Comparison measurement and external trigger measurement function
18. With calibration function
19. With keyboard lock function and system Settings, you can configure language, buzzer and screen brightness according to your own requirements.


Item Type: Multimeter
Material: Metal + Plastics

Digits5 1/2
 Maximum measuring7/s
Function Item
 Uncertainty, ± (%+ significant digit of reading) 
DCV Uncertainty0.015+3
Resolution Ratio1uV
Resolution Ratio1uV
Resolution Ratio1nA
Resolution Ratio1nA
Resolution Ratio10pF
 Mathematical functionsRelative measurement, Maximum/min, db, DBM, reading retention, comparison test 
Data storage/readingSupport
PortUSB Deviec RS-232
Trigger measurementsSupport
Rapid surveySupport
Duty cycle functionSupport
Resistance four-wire measurementSupport
External trigger measurementSupport
AC+DC measurementSupport

Package Includes: 

1 x Multimeter 
1 x Multimeter Pen 
1 x Power Cable(EU)
1 x CD
2 x Protective Tube 
1 x Instruction

We will send you a plug adapter according to your country.

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