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Attribute: RF frequency domain analysis tool
Interface: USB
Power supply: USB
Standby current: le60Ma
Sweep Current: le80mA
Sweep bandwidth: 0.05mHz—40mHz
Sweep step: ge 1Hz
Sweep speed: ge800 points / sec
Sweep dynamic log-ratio: > 70dB
Output power or frequency sweep point: -3dBm — 5 dBm
Input detection: le10dbm
Software on the computer side: NWT4.09.07 version
Computer operating system: WinXP, win732, win764 (win10, most can)
Frequency-frequency characteristics analysis of the dual-port network of RF circuits. Frequency-frequency characteristic analysis is the basis for R&D, debugging and maintenance of RF circuits. The instrument for research, development, repair and debugging of the terminal intermediate frequency.
The sweeper is the master machine for radio work. The three-meter we use (also called the multimeter universal meter) is the DC or low-frequency voltage, current, and resistance of the circuit. The sweeper is used to measure the capacitance and inductance. The instrument with high-frequency state parameters, the Q value of L(C) in high-frequency state, the parasitic capacitance, and the high-frequency dielectric loss of C. These high-frequency indicators are equivalent to their own capacitance and inductance.

Package includes:

1 x DDS Signal Generator
2 x Cable
1 x USB cable

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